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Flip the Flap!

By Nicola Davies, Illustrated by Marc Boutavant
Candlewick Press, $9.99, 22 pages

Animals are amazing creatures and kids love learning about all the unique things they do. What happens after a hungry chameleon spots a delicious, juicy grasshopper perched on a nearby tree branch? The chameleon shoots out his long, long tongue and the sticky end catches the grasshopper. For a chameleon, the snack is just like slurping up spaghetti. What happens after a beaver in need of a home collects a pile of sticks and mud?

In Nicola Davies’ new book, What Happens Next?, young readers will find out exactly that … what comes next. Just flip the flap to find out and be surprised! Reading the book becomes a tactile experience and discovering the surprise ending engages readers. Covering the answer creates anticipation, and the physical act of turning the page to reveal the answer reinforces the learned information. This book does not feature the usual animals found in a backyard or on a farm. A beaver makes a lodge, a peacock opens his beautiful tail to attract a mate, a honeybee leads the members of her hive to a patch of flowers and a chimpanzee teaches her baby how to use a twig to fish termites out of a mound. Marc Boutavant’s delightful illustrations are bright, colorful and filled with plenty of detail. If your curious little one loves What Happens Next?, check out other titles by the same creative duo such as Who Lives Here?, What Will I Be? and Who’s Like Me?.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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