Who Says It's a Man's World The Girls' Guide to Corporate Domination5stars



Tons of Great Advice, Tools and Snappy Writing

By Emily Bennington
Amacom Books, $21.95, 222 pages

With the byline The Girls’ Guide to Corporate Domination, how could you not be interested in Who Says It’s a Man’s World? Emily Bennington has written an intriguing book full of advice, tools and action-oriented mantras for women trying to find their place in the workforce. The book is divided into six sections: self-awareness, social skills, personal effectiveness, team development, leadership and toolbox. Each section begins with a core principle bullet list (what you will learn) and a quotation: “What your coworkers are thinking.”

Bennington contends that if the reader selects three goals from each of the five sections to create a personal action plan and complete the goals in 60 days, she will then be a rock star and promotable. She offers a career plan template on her website to help complete this task.

“If busy were an indicator of success, we’d all be billionaires.”

Bennington writes with a snappy and humorous style, which engaged me right from the beginning. She uses tons of real-life examples and quotes from executive career women. I love all the tools sprinkled throughout the book, and the action plan items are realistic and achievable. Read this book several times, take time to create the suggested action plan and then take action. This book is the tool you have been waiting for to set your career on the right path!

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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