Zine Yearbook #93 star



The Future is the Past

Edited by Microcosm Publishing
Microcosm Publishing, $12.00, 216 pages

It’s always interesting to see what authors are up to. Zine Yearbook #9, put out by Microcosm Publishing, takes a look at the zine world – zines being amateur productions usually made by fans for fans, but also literary magazines made on the cheap. Easily passed out at coffeehouses and conventions, they cover a wide variety of subjects and allow writers to show what they can do; showcases like these allow them to display what they do best and to spread information.

As such, this book is definitely a grab bag. There are mini comics, articles covering privilege, local locations, obscure history, and some fiction, making this an interesting read. Although little of it is of really professional quality, that’s sort of the point; nonetheless, it is interesting to see what can happen when you give people a way to express themselves.

This is a fun book that shows just how creative people can get, and it’s proof that the digital revolution is unlikely to completely stomp out physical publications. This is definitely something worth reading, and something to throw at people when debating paper versus digital. Overall, it’s a fun read, and one that shows that it’s still worth looking into local zines.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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