ZooBorns The Next Generation5stars



Newer, Cuter, More Exotic

By Andrew Bleiman & Chris Eatland
Simon & Schuster, $9.99, 148 pages

We thought it couldn’t get any cuter. We thought we had seen every adorable baby animal on the planet. We were wrong. Zooborns: The Next Generation brings us a collection of all-new baby photos of the most exotic animals born in zoos across the world. Who knew pygmy hippos could be so cute? Who even knew that dholes and a bongos existed, let alone how utterly adorable their babies could be? Interspersed with the beautiful pictures are facts about the animal pictured or the story of the specific baby on the page, adding to the reader’s knowledge of these rare animals and the zoos fostering them.

This book is a perfect gift for animal lovers and a welcome addition to the home. Nothing cures a bad mood like looking at pictures of bright-eyed arctic fox kits cuddling together or tiger cubs playing with each other. A portion of the book’s sales also go to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Conservation Endowment Fund, so don’t hesitate to get more darling “zooborns” in your life.

Reviewed by Meg Gibbs

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