Boutique Baby Photography4stars




By Mimika Cooney
Amherst Media, Inc., $34.95, 160 pages

Boutique Baby Photography is a little different than what you might expect from a photography book. Picking up the book, I imagined I would thumb through pages of pictures and hopefully learn something about technique. While there are many beautiful photographs throughout, the book really focuses on the business-side of being a photographer. Time is spent discussing marketing techniques, ways to run a website, how to specialize and price your work, how to set up your studio and how to become a self-sufficient photographer.

The second half of the book is about the actual techniques used by great photographers. Boutique Baby Photography walks you through applying photograph-ready makeup, posing, props and the mechanics of shooting a stunning portrait. Cooney narrows the focus to taking maternity and newborn photographs and explains how and why they are different from other types of portrait work.

Overall I was very impressed with Boutique Baby Photography and Mimika Cooney’s ability to tackle the practical side of getting a photography business started and sharing ways to take a great picture.

Reviewed by Rachel J. Richards

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