Jimmy Steinfeldt Rock ‘N’ Roll Lens3 star



Looking at Rock and Roll Through a Lens

By Jimmy Steinfeldt & Harvey Kubernik
Point Shoot Press, $50.00, 103 pages

Rock and roll covers a lot of territory. Jimmy Steinfeldt Rock ‘N’ Roll Lens looks at the photographs of Jimmy Steinfeldt, both as a part of a personal narrative and as part of the history of rock and roll. There are a lot of great pictures and stories. It is sort of fun to see how a personal history intertwines with the history of rock and roll, and how much effect it can have on a person when they have been involved with it for a lifetime.

The pictures are incredible and the histories behind them are all sorts of fun. The combination of photos and story is highly effective. However, it seems that there could have been more pictures (46 photographs doesn’t do a 30-year career justice). This is not an autobiography, but rather a celebration of a person’s career. Steinfeldt appears to have had a lot of fun. For those interested in the history of rock and roll, this is an entertaining insider look.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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