Sometimes the Truth is A Lie We Tell Ourselves

By Terry Ambrose

Oak Tree Press, $15.95, 250

The ability to detect lies is not an immunity to lying to oneself. License to Lie intertwines the lives of Roxy, who lies to con men out of their money, and Skip Cosgrove, who cuts through the lies to find people. Hot off a successful case to find a missing boy, Skip is hired to find the husband of Roxy’s mother, and they are put on a fun collision course where anything can happen. You know where it will end up, but you will not believe how it gets there.

Although there are some of the predictable red herrings, this book’s best red herring is merely mentioned and left to percolate in the mind of the reader, making for a number of nice touches in a book of nice touches. There are no easy-to-find passwords, for example, and the lack of that technical knowledge makes the inclusion of a computer whiz later on jarring. The cat and mouse between Roxy and Skip could have been played with a little more tension, but otherwise these are a couple almost requiring a sequel. This is a great summer read, and one that will definitely make the time pass very quickly.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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