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To Editors From Editors

Edited by Travis Kurowski

Atticus Books, $29.95, 432 pages

Paper Dreams, a collection of essays, excerpts and interviews, unites the work of iconic and contemporary literary players. In what is both a historical overview and an encyclopedia of literary magazine publication, editor Travis Kurowski’s compilation most certainly should be regarded as the resource on the subject.

Paper Dreams investigates and demonstrates the significance of literary magazines, as it is often through this venue that new writing and new authors are introduced to the public. The history of literary magazine publication is traced from the late 17th century to the present day. There is also discussion about the future of literary journals.

Readers will experience a wide range of commentary from literary lions such as Ezra Pound and Ralph Waldo Emerson weighed against respected contemporary writers. The survey of information analyzes influences, trends, successes and failures as well as addresses how to engage readers while working within a budget. Those interested in starting a literary journal will find sage advice from experienced writers and editors like Roxane Gay and Rick Moody, alongside a tongue-in-cheek reality check from Jill Allyn Rosser. Would-be editors and writers who submit to journals with regularity will find this collection a valuable resource.

Reviewed by Lori A. May

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