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Beautiful Crafting Book for Parents and Kids

By Tsia Carson
Roost Books, $15.95, 192 pages

Tsia Carson’s book Side by Side is inspired by the author doing crafts with her daughter, Cedar. Carson crafts with Cedar in order to slow down and spend quality time with her. She also sees it as an opportunity to express her love and learn more about how her daughter thinks. Carson offers several tips on crafting with kids such as “be into it” and “make a mess.” Carson divides her book into three distinct project types: collaborators (to do together), companions (individual activities) and family field trips (outdoor crafts). Each project begins with notes, a list of materials and directions. A quote from Cedar usually accompanies large photographs of the craft.

This is a very personal book with glimpses into Tsia and Cedar’s relationship. You can tell that these two truly love crafting together. The book is sprinkled with large photographs of the crafters in action. It will inspire you to make your own keepsakes with your son or daughter. The book includes templates and a resource list to help you find your own creative sweet spot.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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