Splat the Cat- The Rain is a Pain (I Can Read Book 1)5stars



Splat is Back!

By Rob Scotton
Harper, $16.99, 32 pages

Splat is a black and white kitty cat with a brand new pair of roller skates. He can’t wait to try them out as soon as possible. Only one tiny cloud is in the sky as he straps on his skates, but it is far away and Splat is so excited. As he jumps, spins and flips, the cloud gets bigger and darker. Soon it is pouring rain. In Splat the Cat: The Rain is a Pain, Splat must find a way to occupy himself inside as it storms outside. But he can still wear his skates! Couch cushions on the floor make a great racetrack, until Splat crashes. Dancing and singing to the radio is fun, until Splat slips and crashes. His parents are unhappy with him. Splat can’t go outside. The rain is a pain! What will Splat end up doing to make his family happy? The Rain is a Pain is based on the bestselling books by Rob Scotton (who has also contributed the cover art). The illustrations are quite detailed. Kids will notice tiny ants and the individual crooked hairs of Splat’s fur. The book is also part of the I Can Read series and is rated level one for beginning readers. Scotton uses simple sentences, familiar words and simple concepts, all perfect for eager new readers.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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