Step Into Reading Pretty Penny Comes Up5stars



Thought Provoking Topics Make a Good Read

By Devon Kinch
Random House Children’s Books, $3.99, 48 pages

Pretty Penny Comes Up Short is a Step into Reading book for Step 3 readers. Penny’s friend Buck is collecting donations for the Doodle Animal Farm. Penny gathers $3.50 from her piggy bank to donate but decides she wants to do something bigger than just give money. Penny invites Buck, Iggy and others to put together a movie theater. They make signs and a snack stand and soon they have created a drive-in movie theater. Iggy, the pig, operates the snack stand. He is very busy and makes lots of money. Iggy puts all the money under his hat and dreams of all the food he can buy for himself. When it is time to turn in the donation to the Doodle Animal Farm Penny notices that Iggy is buying a lot of food. She discovers that Iggy is using the money that was supposed to be donated. Penny explains to Iggy that he is actually stealing. Iggy must earn back all of the money that he used. Iggy cleans animal pens and learns a valuable lesson. Pretty Penny Comes Up Short has an engaging storyline. Your reader will be interested in finding out how the story’s characters solve problems using their own ideas and hard work. “Stealing” and “giving” are both thought provoking topics. The book’s vocabulary is challenging and the illustrations help readers better understand the meaning of the story’s lessons.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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