The Chicken Problem




One Hundred Crazy Chickens

By Jennifer Oxley & Billy Aronson
Random House Books for Young Readers, $16.99, 30 pages

Peg loves math. She also loves pie. Cat loves to help Peg solve problems. He also loves pie. One sunny day, Peg and Cat visit a farm and bring a picnic to share with a funny pink pig. But before they can dig in to their juicy pie, Peg notices a BIG problem. Someone has left the chicken coop open and now there are one hundred chickens running wild! The Chicken Problem, by Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson, has chickens skipping, leaping, hopping, performing somersaults and even doing the chicken dance! What will Peg, Cat and Pig do to wrangle this crazy bunch? Will their picnic turn out perfectly? Readers will notice that the book appears to be written on used graph paper. Math problems and little sketches of the characters decorate the background of each page. There is a lot of detail and kids will enjoy studying the illustrations. Math symbols are incorporated into the clouds and flowers. One surprise at the end features the authors giving special thanks to the book’s one hundred chickens (including Little Red Riding Chicken, Rumpelchicken and the Artist Formerly Known as Chicken).

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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