The Secret Chicken Society5stars

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? To Buy This Book!

By Judy Cox, Illustrated by Amanda Haley
Holiday House, $5.99, 88 pages

Daniel loves animals. When Fuzzy (the third grade class pet tarantula) escapes from her tank, Daniel is the first student to volunteer for the rescue mission. When his teacher Mrs. Lopez announces that for the grand finale of their study of life cycles the class will be hatching baby chicks, Daniel can hardly wait. His mom even lets him adopt them! There is one major problem. A Portland law forbids people from raising roosters in their backyards because the crowing of male chickens is so noisy! Luckily Daniel ends up with five hens. But as summer vacation starts, it becomes clear that his favorite chick Peepers is really a rooster. If Daniel’s grumpy neighbor complains, the police will come and take Peepers away forever.

The Secret Chicken Society, by Judy Cox, tells the heartwarming story of how one boy does everything he can to save a beloved pet. Amanda Haley’s fun black and white illustrations are scattered throughout the book. She gives each chicken its own quirky personality. Parents and teachers will appreciate that Cox has included fascinating science facts and vocabulary into her story that kids will absorb as they read this exciting chapter book about an environmentally aware family and their chicken adventure.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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