Today I am a Princess3 star



Naam Yoga for Young Readers

By Jill Cikins, Illustrated by Rosalie Peng
Naampedia, $15.00, 32 pages, 3 stars

Naam Yoga is a system of self-healing that merges Eastern Yoga practices with the teachings of Universal Kabbalah. Followers learn to understand how breath, sound, physical movement and universal cycles impact thoughts, emotions and actions. In her new book Today I am a Princess!, author Jill Cikins explains one main principle of Naam Yoga to young readers. Each planet exerts a physical influence on Earth and on the human mind according to the days of the week. Written in rhyming prose, Cikins’ words describe how the planets power their own special day. A magical phrase and a symbol accompany each planet’s poem. Sunday is for the Sun and readers are encouraged to draw butterflies and chant, “Today I am a Princess, I shine just like the Sun!” The conclusion of the book provides a prayer to help followers increase and spread their own special light. Graphic artist Rosalie Peng’s illustrations are colorful and lively. If your young reader is interested in Kabbalah and Naam Yoga, this is the perfect book. Otherwise, it conveys a very specific message that doesn’t necessarily apply to non-followers.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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