Twice the Pleasure Bisexual Women's Erotica4stars


Book of Bi Offers Endless Permutations

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Cleis Press, $15.95, 224 pages

Twice the Pleasure aims for an inclusive romp through the world of bisexuality. The first few pieces are less raunchy than the others and seem to be more about establishing that this is a book about bisexuality. Later stories become increasingly sexual, with involved storylines ranging from a kinky fantasy involving knives, as found in the piece “Robber Girl,” to sweet and tender moments that reflect daily life, as found in “Break,” where a pair of ex-girlfriends get together to have sex one last time. One story details a staunch lesbian’s rendezvous with a straight guy. Another recounts the head games a married man and woman play on the man’s mistress, who believes that she is coming clean when she visits the wife to confess, but instead learns that she has been an unwitting part of the wife and husband’s ongoing pillow talk. While some pieces are bound to hold less interest for some individuals, the beauty of a book of shorts is that each piece is over quickly. The book succeeds in delivering a variety of sexual permutations from a variety of women with various perspectives – the result is a broad collection of the landscapes of women’s desires.

Reviewed by Giovanna Marcus

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