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What Does It Take to Wear the Pointy Hat?

BY Jonathan Strahan

Random House Books for Young Readers.  $16.99, 432 Pages

Good witches, bad witches, powerful witches, and witches in training; wild women of the enchanted woods and wand wielding girls from the big city; curses, familiars, and magic aplenty can all be found in the pages of Under My Hat, a short story collection that covers just about every type of witch you can think of – and a few that will take you by surprise.||This is an excellent book, packed with samplings from fantasy heavy hitters that fans are guaranteed to recognize, such as Holly Black, Niel Gaiman, and Jim Butcher. Though many of the authors in this collection write adult fiction, it was put together with younger readers in mind and most stories feature young protagonists, from children to late teens, all dealing with some aspect of witchcraft and magic. While completely appropriate for the target age range, adult readers will also find any number of gems well worth their attention.

Reviewed by Meg Gibbs

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