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Find the Elephant

By Salina Yoon
Robin Corey Books, $6.99, 18 pages

Young kids love to play hide-and-seek. When you combine the fun game with an adorable board book you get Where’s Ellie?, written by Salina Yoon. Where is Ellie the elephant hiding? With each new scene, beginning readers encounter colorful objects that might be concealing the camouflaged pachyderm. Search for Ellie behind familiar items and discover something totally different. Is that Ellie’s trunk behind the plant? No – it is actually the spout of a teapot! Is that her trunk behind the flowerpot? No – that is the garden hose! A friendly green inchworm, red ladybug, white rabbit, yellow lizard and brown squirrel help kids search for Ellie. Head out to the desert to look for your new elephant pal behind a cactus! Is that her trunk? No – it is the brim of a cowboy hat! What about that gray thing behind the apple tree? Turn the page to find out. Kids will have fun guessing what crazy things might show up instead of Ellie. Little fingers can easily manipulate the thick board book pages and Ellie invites kids to play again and again.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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