Change Your Shoes4.5stars

By Kathy Andersen
KA Connect, $19.95, 392 pages

“In which ways do you feel your life is dictating your identity, rather than allowing you to create your identity?” This is one of many questions that Kathy Andersen, the author of Change Your Shoes, Live Your Greatest Life, asks you, the reader and her self. Yes, the author uses words like “my self” and “your self” separately to underline the importance of the word self. Each of us has a unique self and in this book Kathy Andersen narrates the story about finding hers.

The author’s journey from successful but devastated businesswoman on the verge of losing her self to a confident and happy human being started when she paused and changed her high heels for hiking boots. The author wasn’t a traveling romantic, she was tired of bearing her dark secret – from the age of four she was sexually abused by her adoptive father. A ten year journey around the world freed the author from feelings of pain, fear, shame, and guilt and helped her find her place and purpose in life. You, reader, could find and live your greatest life too. So take a break, read the book and contemplate your life.

Reviewed by Galina Roizman

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