Modern Poetry at Its Best

By Gilbert Luis R. Centina III
CreateSpace, $25.00, 55 pages

Somewhen by Gilbert Luis R. Centina III is a religious poetry book full of intrinsic insights into humanity and its connection with a greater being. He brings to the table so many ideas on our various emotions and sequences within our lives in a way that, if relatable to the reader’s own emotions, promotes yet another connection to develop through his choice of words.

Each poem is its own entity. There is a thread that runs through the book, however, that is a recurring theme. His poems are interesting in how he begins his paragraphs; the places he breaks to start a new sentence are appeasing to the eye. They keep your attention, promoting new threads of thought that may not have appeared if organized in a different, more common way. His insights into humanities’ various ploys are eloquently portrayed with rich vocabulary that paints stunning images. Each sentence stands alone to provoke thought on a higher level.

The way he speaks about certain subjects – such as death – creates a new outlook for us to ponder. There is nothing regarding a burial, but a renewed spirit for the loved one. It takes the gruesome and turns it into a celebration of sorts. With other poems, he speaks about the loss of ‘those with eyes to see but refuse the light’ in a way that opens the eyes of a reader to a new way of seeing. Some areas of certain poems seem to refer to books in the bible, such as Proverbs, in a way that sheds light on the seemingly cryptic sayings of the bible.

For modern poetry to be this eloquent and thought provoking is a grave task that Centina III accomplishes splendidly. If poetry is something that excites you, Somewhen is definitely the book for you.

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