Sweet Nothings2stars



By Ana Weber & Mario Haber with Shel Horowitz
ePlay Magazine, $17.99, 90 pages

Ana Weber and her life partner, Mario Haber are assured that to break the negative pass of life everyone should embrace the sweetness of his existence and start each and every day of his life anew: from “nothing.” The authors call all of us to live according to the 3P formula; passion, portion, and priority. Their other suggestions: don’t be possessive, greedy, selfish, or obsessive; remember and reflect on your happy moments; befriend your time; don’t fall in love with love – find a true love; set real goals, etc., etc. Nothing new! Moreover, it’s hard to call Sweet Nothings Lead You to Everything a book since there is very little to read. So, this is not accidental that the book has a subtitle: an inspirational journal. Indeed, every one of its 13 extremely short chapters has two to three empty pages for your – the reader’s, reflections. If you like to answer questions such as: “When was the last time you did a good, thorough cleaning of your home (thoughts)?” this book is for you. Although, the quotes the authors use are just incredible, especially this one; “Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing” by Albert Einstein.

Reviewed by Galina Roizman

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