Boston TeaAn Excellent Addition to a Young Historian’s Bookshelf




By Russell Freedman, Illustrated by Peter Malone
Holiday House, 32 pages, $17.95

Written by Russell Freedman and illustrated by Peter Malone, The Boston Tea Party recounts one of American history’s most popular and exciting events. Written at the reading level of a 3rd to 5th grader, this is the sort of picture book that a young reader could sit down and read by themselves. This book is not only great for a young reader, but it is also an excellent way to learn about a famous American occurrence. As the book itself has a lot of words on each page it is probably preferable that the young reader be able to read it on their own as reading it aloud may cause the parent or teacher grow tired.

Equipped with actual eye-witness quotes from the Tea Party of 1773, this book would be useful for elementary research projects. There is also a lengthy introduction, afterword, and timeline to help young historians along.

A fun fact that can be found in the inside flap of the front cover is that the illustrator drank approximately 1,200 mugs of tea while painting all of the amazing illustrations in the book— talk about one big tea party.

Reviewed by Andrea Franke

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