RoseA Raw and Intimate Portrait of Family and Culture


By Rahimeh Andalibian
Nightingale Press, $14.99, 391 pages

Rahimeh Andalibian is a young girl in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution. She beautifully describes her family, their prosperous life in Iran and the old Eastern values she and her brothers were taught. When her family endures the ultimate loss, their suspended grief threatens their peace and sends them into their own individual spirals.

The Rose Hotel covers thirty years in a home full of anguished hearts. With astounding understanding, Andalibian captures her parents most raw and tender moments as they try to find their way in the western world while still coming to terms with what happened back in Iran. Written with honest and delicate perception, the author carefully builds her story and brings it to a crescendo. This book will pull at your heartstrings. It is a testament to a family’s ability to find healing and forgiveness and a reminder that love conquers all, in any culture.

Reviewed by Alicea Swett

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