Prickly Cate


By Leslie Gould
Bethany House, $14.99, 344 pages

Courting can be a thrilling and exciting time in life or it can be a discouraging and heart breaking time. In author Leslie Gould’s novel Courting Cate, a wealthy father raises two beautiful daughters alone in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. His eldest daughter, Cate, is studious, loves to read and works with her father in his cabinet shop doing the book work. Betsy, his younger daughter, has a sanguine personality and loves people. She always has boyfriends around and is very critical of her bookish sister. Cate must deal with bullies, teasing and being made fun of where ever she goes. Her father wants her to get out, meet people, court and get married. She is 23, after all, and not a beau in sight. Cate is defensive and angry and her reputation is that she is an unfriendly spit-fire. Then Pete moves into town and meets Cate at the book mobile. He is attracted to her and tries to be friendly but her prickly nature takes over.

Author Leslie Gould explores the painful betrayal that can be part of relationships, especially within families, and writes about the ways courtship brings out true human nature. Relationships are put to the test and readers will feel a variety of human emotions as they read Courting Cate.

Reviewed by Mary Church

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