Flash: Whoa OH!


By Alex Raymond
Titan Books, $39.95, 206 pages

It’s interesting to read the adventures of Flash Gordon given the influence he’s had on our culture. Flash Gordon on the Planet Mongo is the origin of Flash Gordon. The book includes his first adventures on Mongo and tells the story of how he established himself on the planet, met Dale Arden and made enough allies to become a threat to Emperor Ming the Merciless. This is definitely from the pulp side of the aisle, and it’s easy to see why so many people have tried to get Flash right in movies and television.

The stories have aged relatively well. Although the comics are not as well developed as comics today, this was before characters had real personalities and some plots were downright byzantine, they are still fun to read. The artwork is gorgeous. The clothing and vehicles fit rather well within the universe. For someone interested in vintage comics, this book is a veritable treasure trove of great graphics. For others, this may make for an interesting afternoon of reading.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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