A Highly Enjoyable Story of Plans Gone Awry


By Monica McInerney
Ballantine Books, $15.00, 352 pages

Octogenarian Lola Quinlan has always enjoyed connecting…whether it’s matchmaking, making new friends or connecting needy people with things they need. Her newest plan is to host a Christmas holiday celebration for strangers at the family inn. But fighting family members and friends may end up derailing Lola’s plans for a perfect Christmas.

Lola’s Secret is a wonderfully enjoyable novel by author Monica McInerney. The novel has multiple plot lines as it tells the story of Lola and her family and of the strangers she has invited to the inn for Christmas. The author handles the separate storylines but nicely relates them all to the main story. Lola is a fun, lively character and is engaging as she sets up her schemes for others only to be surprised by one herself. The characters and their issues are relatable and well-written and keep the reader engaged throughout the book. Comparable to a Maeve Binchy style book, fans of that author will enjoy this novel.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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