Snowman Magic

Frosty the Snowman Gets a Facelift

3 star

By Katherine Tegen, Illustrated by Brandon Dorman
Harper, $12.99, 32 pages

The classic tale of Frosty the Snowman is revitalized with beautiful lush illustrations by Brandon Dorman in Snowman Magic. Author Katherine Tegen describes a snowy day-off from school and a bored child who makes the most of it. With a sense of purpose and foreknowledge of the famous tale, the child goes about making his perfect snowman. This snowman doesn’t have a pipe and pieces of coal for eyes because most households these days don’t have these two objects available, but he is every bit as magical as the old-fashioned song claims.

The tale is a bit too wordy, written more in a scientific tone than a magical one, but the illustrations will really appeal to the audience. It brings back the clean feeling of a simpler time, when using ones imagination was all the tool a child needed to make his own fun.

Reviewed by Rachelle Barrett

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