Sweet Dreams Lullaby


Dream On

By Betsy Snyder
Random House Children’s Books, $6.99, 32 pages

Sleeping Bunny is ready for bed. After brushing his teeth and getting a goodnight kiss from mom, Bunny listens to a soothing rhyme featured in Betsy Snyder’s Sweet Dreams Lullaby. Tired young ones will enjoy hearing mom, dad and grandparents read the book’s relaxing words aloud as they prepare to drift off to sleep, just like Bunny. Adults will cherish time spent reading to sleepy toddlers as part of a gentle bedtime routine. The hearty construction of this board book will last through many re-reads.

Bunny’s dreams are filled with images of the natural world. Even though Bunny is inside in his bed, his dream-self is outdoors, setting his cares and wishes free on a dandelion breeze and playing in a pile of soft pink blossoms. Animals look on as they too prepare for bed. Snyder’s illustrations are beautifully crafted with rich colors that fill each page. Tiny details are scattered throughout and little ones will spend time studying the pictures to find other surprises. Mother Nature proves to be a real comfort to tired babies drifting off to a peaceful lullaby.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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