The Enchanted Truth- A Modern-day Fairy Tale for Grown-up Girls


Encouraging Independence Through a Modern Fairy Tale

By Kym Petrie
Greenleaf Books, $14.95, 44 pages

Kym Petrie’s story, The Enchanted Truth brings a bit of snarky humor to the story of a modern princess.

This fairy tale begins with a distraught princess, unlucky in love, upset in her room, wondering why each prince charming she meets turns out to be an unfaithful jerk. When her fairy godmother arrives with a stuffed frog, the princess is nonplussed and decides to ignore the fairy’s recommendations to write down the qualities she wants to see in a mate and finds another player who breaks her heart.

When the princess finally does write down the desirable qualities of her prince, she begins to become more independent – instead of dating anything that moves, she takes herself on dates and is more selective with knights in shining armor. The more men she meets, the more qualities she adds to her list.  She even has the courage to stand up to her mother who says the princess is becoming too independent.

This book is a quick read and a perfect gift for someone looking to find courage, confidence, and worth within, or for someone who has been through a nasty breakup. This book is a reminder for modern women that they have magic within themselves and have the power to affect their own destiny.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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