The Nostradamus Society

3 star

Prophets & Demons


By J. Douglas Shaw
Smashwords, $4.99, 443 pages

J. Douglas Shaw’s The Nostradamus Society is a sprawling, long novel with a large, intertwined cast of characters and a plot involving religion, computer warfare, greed, politics and the work of Michel de Nostredame. When Joe Kerry finds what appears to be an original book of Nostradamus’ prophecies in his deceased grandfather’s attic, he doesn’t realize the ramifications that his discovery will have in his own life—or, in fact, in the world. The book may contain secrets that threaten to unravel the world as we know it.

Taking his cue from Dan Brown’s complex, historically-informed novels, J. Douglas Shaw has created a novel with multiple intersecting story-lines, intrigue, violence and conspiracy that will thrill fans of suspense novels. At times, however, the novel feels forced, as if Shaw were trying to cover too many bases at once, and at other times, the story seems too contrived and too timely. The character of President Harris is too obviously based on Barack Obama and some of the characters seem too neatly taken out of the suspense novel cast of characters. These flaws make The Nostradamus Society slightly less successful than it could be—but they don’t stop it from being entertaining.

Reviewed by Ashley McCall

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