The Paw Project is a documentary film addressing the inhumane act of declawing cats. Dr. Jennifer Conrad saw firsthand the damage declawing did to cats. As a veterinarian, she worked with big cats and other exotic animals that were formerly used in Hollywood or were illegal exotic pets that were rescued and placed in sanctuaries. Dr. Conrad began The Paw Project after she started advocating for reconstructive surgery to repair the damage done to big cats after being declawed. Declawing cats is a practice that most people do not fully understand. To declaw a cat, the ends of the individual claws are actually cut off at the bone, just like amputating the end a finger. Unlike humans, cat’s claws are actually attached to the bone and not the skin. Cats are in excruciating pain after these surgeries and are often left deformed. Declawing also leads to ongoing significant medical problems and serious behavioral issues. An act once thought would help cats find homes, is now leading to more abandonment, increased deaths from medical complications, and euthanasia.

After performing numerous successful reconstructive surgeries on these big cats, Dr. Conrad realized this was not only a cruel act that affected big cats, but also affected millions of domesticated cats.  The Paw Project then expanded into doing important advocacy work with individual cities to promote bans on declawing cats. Although, it quickly met with opposition from the various veterinary medical associations that endorse declawing cats. Multiple countries already ban the act of declawing cats. The Paw Project has already fought to get the declawing ban passed in 8 cities in California.

Everyone needs to see this stunning documentary. The images will break your heart, while at the same time reminding you how beautiful these creatures truly are. This documentary will motivate you to speak up for all animals who can’t speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are a cat person or not. Get involved! Talk to your veterinarian, other cat owners, and your local government to support this important issue.

Reviewed by Crystal Schneider

See The Paw Project documentary on Sunday, August 18th @ 4pm at the Helium Club in Portland, Oregon


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hosted by Wildcat Haven Sanctuary
Sunday August 18th
3:30 PM – doors open.
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