Countless Hours of Fun


By Joshua Glenn and Elizabeth Foy Larsen
Bloomsbury USA, $25.00, 352 pages

“Use the world, or the world will use you.” So begins Unbored: The Essential Guide to Serious Fun – a book that is the authors’ attempt to shape passive kids into active adventurers. Divided into four main sections (You, Home, Society and Adventure), this huge book is an amazing collection of activities, bits of trivia and “best ever” books, music and movie lists. Short excerpts from classic novels like Little Women and Anne of Green Gables give examples of how kids in fiction use their imagination and creativity to live life to the fullest. With activities like “Train Your Grownup to Be a Ninja” and “Train Your Grownup to Curse Without Cursing,” adults will be just as busy as younger readers. Kids will learn how to play clapping games, shoot a stop-action movie, de-skunk a pet, perform backyard parkour, live in a tree, stop worrying, make disguises and scrapbooks, read a food label…the list goes on and on! Photographs and illustrations accompany each entry (which are no more than four pages long). Girls and boys will spend hours reading, discovering, cooking and having fun. At the same time they’ll also learn how to become more resourceful, creative, independent and curious.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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