Follow Along as a Crane Shows Its Strength


By Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Illustrated by Mike Lowery
Alfred A. Knopf, $16.99, 32 pages

A submarine, a space shuttle and even a cow can be lifted by a very special piece of equipment. What can lift all these amazing things? Award-winning poet Rebecca Kai Dotlich answers this fascinating question in her book What Can a Crane Pick Up?. Written in rhyme, this book is a fun one to read out loud to eager listeners. Beginning readers will appreciate that there are only a few words per page along with festive illustrations created by artist Mike Lowery using pencil, silkscreen and digital media. Guess what a crane can pick up? A little, medium and big truck and a railroad car filled with animals if it gets stuck on the rails. Add an automobile and an airplane and the crane can still pick it all up! What about a wooden water wheel? Yes, a crane can handle the wheel and a load of steel! This is one strong crane. Read this fun story to see if a crane can pick up another crane and billions of bundles of wood. Visit the crane at a construction site as it picks up building materials. Find out if a crane can pick up men in suits and a bunch of cowboy boots. After reading Dotlich’s fun book, kids will be brainstorming other crazy things a crane can lift.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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