Who’s This Guy?


By Pete Townshend
Harper Collins, $32.50, 538 pages

The world can now rest easy knowing the age old question “Who is Pete Townshend?” has finally been answered. Who I Am: A Memoir tells the story of Townshend’s life from the moment he was born in 1945 right up until this very day (or at least the day he finished writing the book). Townshend tells his story from the middle of each moment, memory and event. His writing style is simple, allowing the reader to follow along easily.

He focuses mostly on himself, his own thoughts and motivations, but it is satisfying to see that he takes responsibility for everything he does. He never asks the reader for sympathy during his darker phases. When he behaves like a jerk, het will admit that he is a phenomenal jerk.

Fans of The Who will pick this book up without question. Everyone else will find it to be an easy and engaging read, perhaps during a long plane ride or while playing music by The Who.

Reviewed by Gregory A. Young

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