SneakerFriendship That Sneaks Into Your Heart




By Joan Heilbroner, Illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre
Random House Children’s Books, $8.99, 48 pages

Sneaker is a snake who has spent his whole life in a pet store. It is a nice store and the owner is kind, but Sneaker wants a real home. One day a boy named Pete comes into the store. He likes Sneaker right away because he is unusual. Pete takes Sneaker home and they play together. Sneaker can bend himself into the shape of a necktie, a hat and even a pair of handcuffs! But what will the snake do when Pete goes to school? Sneaker sneaks into Pete’s backpack, of course! When Pete’s pet gets loose in the classroom, some kids think Sneaker is slimy and gross. But one brave girl picks him up and soon everyone wants to meet Sneaker!

Young readers will be amazed when this special snake discovers that he loves to spell at school and even becomes a hero at the local swimming pool. Kids will enjoy reading A Pet Named Sneaker by Joan Heilbroner. Pascal Lemaitre’s illustrations are cheery and bright. Read this fun story out loud to pre-readers as they study the pictures on each page. Beginning readers will appreciate the simple vocabulary words the author uses. Sneaker teaches us that even though a person or animal may look different, he or she can be an amazing friend.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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