B2BB2B is Better to Best


By John J. Wall
M Show Productions II, LLC, $9.99, 186 pages

Author John J. Wall took his years of marketing experience building successful companies worth $40 million to task and put together B2B Marketing Confessions. It offers four basic key points that are so simple, they’re brilliant. The four key points are: Designing a Great Product, Telling the World, Education and Customer Retention. Simple, right? Well, read on! Wall delves into each of these key points as the reader begins to understand the complexities of these simple business points. One of the greatest advantages of this book is the conversational tone that is easily comprehended by a novice all the way up to seasoned marketer. The writing and concepts are at a beginner’s level introducing common terminologies in the business world without condescension. If you’re a seasoned business owner but need a boost in sales or a better understanding of marketing, this book will speak effortlessly to you as well.

“The reality is that just because a tactic worked for someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will do anything for you.”

Multiple, short chapters allow for quick tips and a wealth of reference points, each offering varying degrees of perspective and business size to growth. Many of Wall’s contributions are geared for specific or large corporations but the concepts and platforms are viable tools for any small business owner, CEO and every employee. Highly energized, this book will get you motivated to expand your business or start one of your own. I highly recommend this book!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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