BloodCurses or Blessings, the Cost of Pride




By Evie Manieri
TOR, $24.99, 528 pages

Blood’s Pride by Evie Manieri is a breathtaking romp through a high adventure fantasy world. For twenty years the Shadari have been slaves to the Norlanders, also known as the Dead Ones, a sun sensitive race from the snowy mountains across the sea. The Shadari have finally had enough, and revolution is brewing. They have hired The Mongrel, a feared and mysterious mercenary to help their cause, and she in turn brings in the help of Jachad, King of the Nomas and fire wielding son of the sun god Shof.

Not only does Blood’s Pride deal with the revolution at its core, but it delves into the incredibly treacherous family life of the local Norlanders’ ruling family, and several pairs of star crossed lovers. This is a well-crafted story with a large cast of surprisingly varied characters, all of whom find themselves inexplicably tied together through a complex series of events. The story is riddled with political maneuverings, betrayal, love, intrigue, war, death and new life. A fantasy adventure with both an epic and everyday scale, Blood’s Pride is the perfect story for those who are tired of vampires and magic, and are looking for fantasy with a little more meat.

Reviewed by Whitney Smyth

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