3 star



By Adam Ellis
Grand Central Publishing, $15.00, 209 pages

Drawn from the pages of his successful internet blog, artist Adam Ellis recounts in a series of humorous stories his autobiographical journey into adulthood in Books of Adam: The Blunder Years. From art school in Boston to a string of apartments in Portland, Ellis pairs up his trademark cartoon illustrations with anecdotes about first internships, trying to make new friends, and even being arrested. Fans of internet humor will find the blog-length segments amusing and easily digestible, but some readers might be left wanting more. A talented artist, Ellis guides us through his awkward transition into society with the charm of a good friend but unfortunately not with the skill of a great storyteller. A fun bit of light reading, Books of Adam: The Blunder Years will entertain and divert anyone who’s ever had a tricky time with growing up.

Reviewed by Michael Weingartner

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