BrandenburgMystery, Murder and Nazi Mayhem Revived


By Glenn Meade
Howard Books, $15.99, 482 pages

If you are looking for a mystery-thriller that brings World War II Nazi memories and sinister international schemes to life, this is it. This fast-paced and remarkable work of historical fiction is well researched and crafted. The action moves smoothly along on several fronts, tying together the long history of the Nazi obsession with power at home and with immigrant connections to South America, specifically Paraguay and Brazil.

A dark past embedded in evil power is about to come back to life. The characters include a host of older Germans with prior connections to the SS and younger ones who are either their children or their victims. There are European and South American journalists and police officers, intelligence operatives and international smugglers. They are all tangled up in a twisted and complex but believable plot. Some encounter tragic consequences while trying to untangle a series of strange and uncomfortable goings-on. Big money, murders and mayhem flow thick and fast here, enough to keep the reader fascinated and alert. As an author of historical mystery-thrillers, Glenn Meade does not disappoint. He is noted for doing his homework and for bringing strange but remarkably plausible plots to life. Brandenburg is one of his best.

Reviewed by Don Messerschmidt

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