DeadlyTrust Your Instincts and Read This Book!




By K.E. Clark
Xlibris Publishing, $19.99, 338 pages

Barbara Evans feels the intense ticking of her biological clock. She always figured that by age 32, she and her husband Billy would have a big family. Yet whenever Barbara brings up family planning, Billy insists that they must be more financially secure before they bring a child into the world. Billy’s priorities include making as much money as possible, buying a McMansion and filling the driveway with only the best cars. To accomplish this, Billy soon finds himself in league with Jacko Denby, a rich businessman rumored to be tied to organized crime. When Barbara announces that she is pregnant, how will Billy deal with this unsettling news?

Ethan Boggs was once a promising young attorney until he turned to alcohol to deal with the stress. After almost ruining his career, Ethan traded one vice for another. Now a gambling addiction and fondness for betting on races has landed him in hot water with his bookie. The numbers in the debt column are quickly growing and Ethan must come up with some quick cash.

After trying for twenty years to have children, Jacob and Sarah Glass have resigned themselves to living a childless life together. Seeing a fertility specialist is financially out of the question and because of Jacob’s criminal record, the couple will never be granted adoption through traditional means. How far is Ethan willing to go in order to find them a baby and collect the money he needs to pay off his debts?

Both couples initially have little in common, but they are brought together over the shared desire to see their own dreams come true. Each character is put to the test when one of Billy’s greedy business schemes goes horribly wrong and results in consequences even he did not foresee. The financial security, mental stability, and personal safety of all others involved are constantly put in jeopardy. Find out what happens when two couples initially brought together over the desire for children realize that following the basic instinct to have children can be deadly.

Although this is Clark’s first fictional novel, it feels like he has been writing fiction for quite some time. The book is loaded with fast-paced dialogue and a variety of interesting East Coast locations. Anyone looking for a thrilling, entertaining read will highly enjoy K.E. Clark’s Deadly Instinct.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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