do-it-marketingLoaded with Ideas to Aid the Small Business Owner

3 star



By David Newman
Amacom, $19.95, 272 pages

David Newman has written an action-packed book called Do It! Marketing. The pages are loaded (and I mean loaded!) with practical advice. The book is organized by 77 ideas/actions. It also includes a 21-day marketing launch plan. There are text boxes galore and real-life examples to prove Newman’s key points. Even though the book is titled marketing, there is a great deal of sales-focused content, too. There are chapters about positioning, social media, getting better prospects and personal success strategies. This book is about approaching marketing differently and taking action.

“You need to sell the same way you buy.”

Newman writes in a snarky, yet humorous, style. The font is black and red and the pages are almost too full of words. All the content is abundant, usable “stuff” but as a reader you do reach overload quickly. There is a companion website with additional tools and resources and Newman’s targeted activities with checklists are a great way to break down all the great information into bite-size chunks.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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