marketingInformation-Packed with Tons of Useful Ideas




By Jeff Fromm & Christie Garton
Amacom, 202 pages, $24.95

“Millennials derive value from being engaged in product development, advertising, social interactions, and other facets of the marketing process.”

Marketing to Millennials equips the reader to not only understand Millennials better, but also, to market (and sell) effectively to this very influential generation. The book lays a solid foundation by sharing facts and figures about Millennials.  This generation is referred to as the participation economy and the book clearly tells the reader why. Millenials value and use social networking for lots of different goals and marketers need to understand the why’s and how’s of this usage. But even further, Millennials want to have a say in their favorite brands. Each information-packed chapter ends with key takeaways, which is a great review of the chapter. The book divides Millenial personas, which was really interesting to this reviewer, since it breaks down the typical generalizations about a group.

Not only was Marketing to Millennials informative, but also loaded with tons of great examples, ideas and strategies. Marketers will find this book invaluable but this reviewer believes anyone interested in learning more about this powerful generation could garner new knowledge and insight from this book. The research was thorough and the 22 figures were great quick-reference visuals for all the data contained in this amazing book.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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