MarriageThe Secret to a Good Marriage is Simpler than One Would Think

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By Sherri Mills
Cedar Fort Publishing, $12.99, 142 pages

Number1: Women need to express their needs to their male partners in ways that they can understand. (Don’t be martyrs ladies.)

Number 2: Men need to do household chores. (You can’t expect her to do everything gentlemen.)

“Always remember that if you do a task today just so you can get sex that night, forget it. That’s like going to a fancy restaurant, having fantastic service, and leaving the waitress a dime for her tip. It’s not about work. It’s about respect and long term cooperation.”

Sherri Mills advocates these two premises in her new book Marriage 101 for Men: Why Taking out the Trash is a Turn On. She gives an interesting perspective, marriage counselor she is not, but rather a hairdresser who has seen clients on both sides of a marriage gone horribly sideways. Mrs. Mills is an advocate for marriage. She believes that anyone can have a successful marriage if they put in the work for it. Her voice is down to earth approachable.

This book is not written as a joke book but rather a concise and helpful guide to try and explain why wives look so haggard or feel so angry. She includes lists of chores that must be assigned to individuals of the household, including children. Thus showing how much it really takes to run a household. In performing these or any tasks the male is taking some responsibility for the welfare of the family and showing the female that he respects her time and abilities. She pulls no punches when using her own anecdotes to illustrate a point. Anecdotes of her clients and quotes from experts in the field of counseling round out the theories described. The book is written with utmost gratitude for her own long-suffering slightly misguided partner, which it is dedicated to.

Reviewed by Rachelle Barrett

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