ProphesyAn Adventure Korean Fantasy

3 star



By Ellen Oh
Harper Teen, $17.99, 316 pages

The only girl in the king’s army and cursed with mysterious demon sensing abilities and yellow eyes, Kira has become used to being shunned, but when a demon led army invades her kingdom she must put her abilities to the test to protect her cousin, the prince. With the help of some unexpected allies, Kira and the prince must solve an ancient prophecy that holds the only way to protect their home, the Seven Kingdoms. Will they be able to find the prophesied Dragon Musado in time to top the invasion, or will the demons win?

Set in a fantasy-ancient Korea, the landscape of Prophecy is alive with monks, demons, and mystical maidens. Despite the mythical setting, the book is pretty typical for a fantasy adventure story, even a little bland. Large portions of the book are taken up with moving from location to location, interspersed with skirmishes against the invading army. Kira is a strong female lead whose priorities are not romance or boys, but rather, saving her family and kingdom. Overall, an acceptable, if slightly bland, start to a fantasy series with a strong female lead.

Reviewed by Meg Gibbs

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