tarzanRediscovering a Classic




By Gaylord DuBois, Brendan Wright & Russ Manning
Dark Horse Comics, $49.99, 296 pages

Tarzan is a name that many people are familiar with. Images of the King of the Apes have been absorbed into American culture for years through Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original novels, the multitude of movies made over the years, and the brightly colored comic series. For fans of the comics, Dark Horse Comics has put together a beautiful hardcover graphic novel collection in Tarzan Archives: The Russ Manning Years Volume 1. The book includes seven separate stories from the 1960s in Russ Manning’s distinctive realistic style. The stories in this volume are extremely varied, including the birth of Tarzan, the rescue of British soldiers in WWII, escaping mad priests in ancient temples, and rescuing his wife Jane from a lost tribe of prehistoric, dinosaur-worshiping men.

Dark Horse has done a fantastic job of restoring the bright colors of the comics. All of the writing in the panels is legible, and there are no instances of blurring or double images that can sometimes plague older comics. This is a wonderful collection, both for long time fans, and for people diving into the vine-swinging adventures for the very first time.

Reviewed by Whitney Smyth

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