Too PickleyPicky Eaters Will Like Too Pickley!




By Jean Reidy, Illustrated by Genevieve Leloup
Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers, $11.99, 32 pages

Do you have a picky eater in your home? “I don’t want vegetables.” “I don’t like fruit.” “That’s yucky!” These picky eaters might enjoy the book by Jean Reidy, Too Pickley! The easy reader book best suited for toddlers is a brightly colored, one-line-per-page book following the meals placed before a finicky eater. Some meals are too wiggly, like Jell-o. Other meals are too stringy, like spaghetti. Finally though, the hungry child finds something just right.

While a fun book to read, it seems to give children the idea to be picky, as opposed to being adventurous eaters, eating food that is good for you, or finishing what is on your plate. Having been around children who are extremely selective about their food, be careful about how the book is presented to young readers. Talking to children about nutrition, not wasting food and finding favorite foods will ensure they get the most out of Too Pickley!’.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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