ArmySomething for the Doom Prepper in All of US

3 star



By Department of the Army
Skyhorse Publishing, $16.95, 140 pages

Sometimes the best thing to have in an emergency is a good book on tactics. The U.S. Army Combat Skills Handbook compiles a number of the United States Army’s field manual, making for a compilation of not only its weapon manuals, but also how to survive in the field and how to communicate between points. There are also manuals on first aid, intelligence, and counterintelligence included as well. Although the inclusion of the weapon manuals is an interesting choice, the field manuals included make for some great instruction on survival.

The manuals are laid out as originally presented, warts and all. Although some refashioning of the graphics could have been done, it makes for a nice nostalgic trip for the veterans. Although there are number of manuals whose inclusion is debatable, such as the weapon manuals, as civilians are normally unable to take advantage of them, this is nonetheless a great manual for those looking to add to their survival bookshelf. This makes not only for some interesting reading, but for some great advice for those interested in surviving any number of scenarios.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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