foundWorth the Digging




By Patti Callahan Henry
St. Martin’s Press, 262 pages, $24.99

And Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry is a story about how family comes together for Kate and Jake and their families. A family that has heartbreak, an adoption, and first love can come out on the other end and still be full of hope. I enjoyed this story and learning what Kate and Jake went through; a road that wasn’t smooth sailing by any means. I also enjoyed Henry’s writing and how she was inspired by her own family to tell this story. I felt there was more character development on Kate, Jake, and her close friends, as it should be, since this is their story, but would like to have known more about their parents. The last thing about the writing was that I liked how Henry wrote from not just Kate’s point of view, but from Emily’s as well. This, in my opinion, gave the story more feet and grounded the story. As I started this story, I wasn’t sure of what to expect (Henry kept surprising me along the way) but I had an inkling as to how it would end. Personally speaking, I’m glad that the end wasn’t written out for me, a little digging on the reader’s part always makes a story more enjoyable. I think that if you give this story of Jack and Kate a chance you will find it enjoyable as I have.

Reviewed by Annie Hicks

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