compassA Catalyst for Change




By William F. Brandt, Jr
Winter Vale Press, 324 pages, $34.95

William F. Brandt, Jr. proposes a new paradigm for organizations in his recent book Compass.  This paradigm includes organizations that are viable, sustainable and valued. Brandt’s goals for the reader are to expand horizons of what is possible, increase the likelihood of creating organizations they desire, reduce time to accomplish the task and reduce cost and consequences of missteps. The book begins with the foundations of key elements of exceptional organizations. This reviewer loved how the book began with a case study so that the reader has a frame of reference for the remaining lessons and essays in the book. The essays are followed by reflection questions and related chapter information.  Most essays are only a few pages long and lend themselves to be used as tools if a leader wants to share the material with their teams. This is a comprehensive book with a companion website loaded with PowerPoint slides for each lesson and lesson materials so that the various topics can be disseminated to an audience.

“This book has two particular uses.  The first is to address specific topics or concerns, and the second is to assist in the development of broad-based efforts to create exceptional organizations.”


This book is a viable tool for any leader, either new or tenured. It is loaded with ideas, concepts, tools and valuable information and would be a catalyst for organizational change and improvement.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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