honeySweethearts for Life




By Daniel O. Abreo
WestBow Press, 88 pages, $11.95

Honey, If You Leave Me, I’m Going with You by Daniel O. Abreo isn’t about a broken marriage. On the contrary, this is a book about the author’s more than thirty-year happy marriage to his first and only sweetheart and how to achieve it for yourself. Although the subtitle of the book is 10 Points to Create and Maintain a Healthy Marriage, the reader will find much more here. This is simultaneously a wonderful romantic story and a personal manual for a successful marriage and life.

“Now I invite you, dear reader, to join me in an exploration of God-given principles designed to help you live a fruitful life and maintain a healthy marriage.”

Both Daniel and his wife, Grace were born in Uruguay and knew each other from their childhood. Grace’s family moved to America when she was nine years old. Daniel and Grace had a very short courtship when thirteen year old Grace visited Uruguay. They didn’t see each other for another five years, but at the age nineteen, Daniel O. Abreo followed his heart, moved to America and married Grace.

During this long marriage, as all couples, they had hard times but worked together to overcome them. The author is convinced that without his belief in God it wouldn’t have happened.

The family photos provided by Abreo after each chapter create a cozy and warm atmosphere and make it an encouraging and inspiring read.

Reviewed by Galina Roizman

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