legendBaseball and the Legend of King Arthur


By J. Scott Bradley
Dynamic Page LLC, $24.99, 380 pages

Knights of Legend by J. Scott Bradley is the story of a young baseball player, Jason Sheridan, who is a part of the local league. But it isn’t just a normal League—the league is ruled by a very select, very secret group of players who make up the Knights of the round table. Jason is a member of the league, but changes are coming and most of them are not of this world. As Jason’s team progresses through the season, they discover magical baseballs, evil witches, monsters and hidden tunnels. Everything culminates in the final game of the season, a show down between the forces of good and evil and the choices that we all have to make.

Bradley expertly depicts small town America and the tradition of baseball, where numbers are passed down from father to son. The book is well written and very detailed. It is a tapestry—woven between the threads of tradition, families and legacies. A lot happens in the book and sometimes it might be necessary to backtrack and reread some passages. With all that goes on in the book it can be hard to catch everything, but this is a minor issue. At first the mention of magic and the knight of the round table can seem a little odd, but Bradley does a good job of weaving the legend into everyday life. By the end of the book, the reader doesn’t even question the more outlandish aspects of the book. While baseball is an American pastime, it can still be boring. Bradley has taken all the best parts of the game, included them in the story and left out all of the bad. The reader does not need to understand baseball or even enjoy it in order to be able to enjoy this book.

Reviewed by Nicole Green

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